Friday, 13 May 2011

Hottest African clothing for the summer at Jillo's Corner

So the horrible snowy winter is over (wow can't believe it. Feels like ages already) and I guess most people are now looking forward to the nice sunny days ahead.  Luckily for us in the UK, this seems to have come early as we've been enjoying the warm weather for some time now. Now the good news that comes with the warm weather is getting to dress up without having to cover our beautiful frocks with a heavy coat. This is even worse if you are wearing a gorgeous stylish African outfit that you want to show off to the whole world.
Anyway, as already mentioned, the summer or warm weathers bring us such joy and thus, we ought to make good use of it. In view of this, this blog entry is solely to highlight the amazing collection of African dresses, skirts, shorts and trousers sets available at Jillo's Corner for this lovely season.

The Modernised traditional fish style skirt
The usual traditional African skirt and top usually called 'kaba and slit' in West African or Ghana to be precise, has been modernised in this context to make it suitable for summer. The 'slit' which is the skirt, has been made to highlight the hips and flair at the bottom to give the wearer some kind of coca-cola shape. The top is mainly sleeveless, boob tube or with tiny sleeves to make it breathable.

The Shirred dress
The shirred dress has been around for sometime now but always manages to make an appearance anytime the sun is out. So what exactly is the shirred dress then? Well, it's those dresses with tiny stripes of elastic sewn together at a particular area, for example around the chest or waist areas.  In our case, we use beautiful eye-catching African fabrics that will turn heads. These dresses are available in long and maxi, short and midi.

African print short shirred dress.  (shirred at the hips)

Long and short African shirred dresses

The extra long shirred dress

The Knee Length Tier dress
The tier dress is also popular design which has come back into fashion with a big bang.  It is a dress which has different
layers from the bottom. It can be either short or long but for this summer, it seems the short dresses are more to be desired. What makes it even more distinguished is the use of beautiful African prints with vibrant colours to make it the perfect African dress.

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