Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Latest Afrofrocks collection in video

Check out the latest Afrofrocks collection in the video above and click here to view our online store. You can find African dresses, African shirts, African print accessories, African skirts, African clothing for kids. We offer quick international shipping too.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas present ideas at Afrofrocks

So it's that time of the year once again. Yes time to search for Christmas presents! Love it or hate it, it has to be done. This year though, why not get something a little different? Something with an African twist. At Afrofrocks, we have loads of different African inspired clothing and accessories which can make the perfect Christmas present.  Below are some of the items that can inspire your Christmas shopping this year.

African print Ties and Bow ties

This year, why not surprise your dad, boyfriend, husband, brother, cousin or nephew with an African print tie or bow tie. In fact, they can be worn by females too.These are available in different styles and prints like kente and Aso oke.
afrofrocks kente bowtie
Kente print bow tie

afrofrocks kente tie
Kente print tie set

African Print Hats

African print hats are hot this Christmas with different styles, colours and shapes. Perfect to compliment most African outfits.

afrofrocks kente kufi hat
Kente kufi hat
african hat
Boat style hat

Fan shaped hat
Dashiki Print hat

Kente sash and scarves

African print and kente sashes and scarves adds a touch of Africa to any outfit. They are perfect unisex gift that would put a smile on any face.

Kente sash
Kente scarf

Dashiki or Angelina Shirts

Dashiki shirts, also known as Angelina print shirts have become one of the most iconic African shirts. They are now being worn by various people from all walks of life and what makes it more versatile is the fact that it is unisex and hangs freely on the body. It is available at Afrofrocks in different colours for both adults and kids. Kids dashikis come as just shirts or with shorts.
Buy kids dashiki shorts set
Kids dashiki shirts

Buy Adult dashiki shirt

African inspired handbags

African print bags and African inspired bags and purses are still hot accessories. They ooze the African essence and make any outfit exotic. See more bags here.
Buy African wax print bag

african wax print handbag

Kenyan jute bag